Artists Statement

Life in a mask

Life in a Mask is a series of works depicting female forms adorned by a gas mask. The mask represents the older values that we look back on as being elegant and honourable from times when interaction between people may have been more restricted, but equally intimate with a select few.

Today, desperation to be recognised, popular, accepted, “followed or following” erodes individualism, pigeonholing us all. Those without their recognised place suffer the wrath of society’s judgment, causing anxiety, fear and increased pressure to conform for fear of insulation or isolation.

Behind the mask one was able to have a level of privacy or intimacy without exposing oneself excessively, maintain a level of dignity and comfort. The masks are not only a screen to preserve dignity, but also a safety device. Protection from pollution, toxins, nuclear particles, even the harmful effects of the modern sun: all of them judgmental in their own way, leaving us to reap the consequences of our actions.

 The mania of invasive surgery, the endless list of creams and potions promising eternal rejuvenation, masquerading behind the famous Photoshop touch ups; millions vying for the crown of collecting more and more “friends” on social networks. The need to feel constantly in touch, as if afraid to be alone or isolated; obsessive self-promotion: what has brought on this tidal wave of insecurity?

Artists Statement